Del Boca Vista Studio Mics


Dynamic 6- Shure SM57’s Shure Beta 58 Shure SM7 AKG D12 AKG D112 Shure 545S Unidyne III 2-Sennheiser 609’s Funkberater PGH Shure Beta 52A Condenser 1-Neumann TLM 67 2-AKG 414’s 2-Shure SM81’s 2-AKG KSM109’s Rodes NT3 Ribbon 2-Beyer M500’s Oktavia MJI52-02 Royer R-121 2-RCA Varacoustic’s Tube Groove Tube GT66 Oktavia MK-2500

Del Boca Vista Studio Preamp Effects

Mic Preamps and Dynamic Processors

2-Neve 1073LB’s 2-BAE 73MPL’s 4-API 512C’s 1-Shadow Hills Mono Gama Mic Pre 1-Chandler Germ 500MKII 2-Vintech X73’s Focusrite Red 8 Dual Channel Mic Pre 1-Shadow Hills Mono Gama Mic Pre 1-Smart Technologies C2 Stereo Compressor 1-Universal Audio LA-2A Compressor/Limiter 1-Urei 1178 Stereo Compressor/Limiter 2-DBX 160 Compressors 2-DBX 160X Compressors 1-DBX 165 Compressor 1-Inovonics 201 Compressor/Limiter[…]

Del Boca Vista Studio Discography

Tracy Chisholm Discography

Click here to see my complete Discog at   Scott Weiland 12 Bar Blues (LP) Engineered, Mixed Belly Star Produced, Engineered, Mixed Slow Dust Produced, Engineered, Mixed Gepetto Engineered, Mixed Mark Lanegan Bubblegum Engineered, Tape Manipulation Here Comes That Weird Chill (EP) Engineered, Loops, Mixed Sabrosa Purr To The Crickets And The Ghosts (LP)[…]